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KX-T7700 Series Phones
KX-T7700 Series Phones
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Design your new phone system today!
Panasonic DBS System Manual
Panasonic DBS System Manual
16 Button Display Telephone
16 Button Display Telephone

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Base Cabinet w/Power Supply

Each Base cabinet supports up to 96 ports using flexible or universal card slots. Up to two Base cabinets can be installed in a system. Includes power...Read More

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(Model # VB-44020) In Stock


Expansion Cabinet

Each added Expansion cabinet expands the system capability by an additional 96 ports. One or two Expansion cabinets can be installed on top of a Base...Read More

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(Model # VB-44021) In Stock


Control Processor Card (96-port) - CPC 96

The CPC-96 supports a single cabinet (96 ports) and utilizes a 16-bit Central Processor Unit (CPU)....Read More

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(Model # VB-44410) In Stock


Control Processor Card (288-port) - CPC 288

The CPC-288 supports up to three cabinets (288 ports)and utilizes a 16-bit CPU....Read More

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(Model # VB-444201) In Stock


Control Processor Card (576-port) - CPC 576

This unit supports up to six cabinets (576 ports) and utilizes a 32-bit CPU....Read More

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(Model # VB-444301) In Stock


Digital Extension Card (0x8)

This card provides 8 digital circuits. Each circuit supports the Panasonic Digital Key Telephone, Digital Single Line Telephone, DSS/72, and EM/24. Supply...Read More

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(Model # VB-44610) In Stock


Analog Extension Card - AEC/8

This card provides 8 analog circuits. Each circuit supports standard analog telephone devices such as analog telephones, answering machines, fax machines,...Read More

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(Model # VB-44620) In Stock


Loop Start Trunk Card (8x0)

The Loop Start Card supports up to 8 loop start CO lines of any flexible slot. This card meets UL1459 safety requirements, and can be directly connected...Read More

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(Model # VB-44510) In Stock


Loop Start/Ground Start Trunk Card (8x0)

This card supports both Loop Start and Ground Start Trunks. Up to 8 CO lines of any combination of types can be connected. This card installs in any flexible...Read More

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(Model # VB-44511) In Stock


E&M Trunk Card - E&M/4

This card supports E&M type tie line interface (Speech pass 4W/2W, Control line 4W). THis signaling methods that are supported include Immediate and Wink...Read More

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(Model # VB-44560) In Stock


Trunk MDF Cables

10 cables. Read More

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(Model # VB-44519) In Stock


Connection Kit

Fittings for interconnecting cabinets in the building block configuration. Read More

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(Model # VB-44024) In Stock


Extension MDF Interface - MDF - EXT

The Extension MDF Interface provides for connection from the cabinet to the MDF using standard 25-pair cables. A cable is run from the front of the extension...Read More

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(Model # VB-44611) In Stock


Call Record User Guides

Not included w/system. 25 per package. Read More

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(Model # VB-44199) In Stock


576 System Phone Station User Guides

Not included w/system. 25 per package. Read More

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(Model # VB-44299) In Stock


Trunk MDF Interface - MDF-CO

The Trunk MDF Interface card provides easy connection from the cabinet to the MDF via standard female 25-pair cables. This card supports Loop Start, Ground...Read More

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(Model # VB-44512) In Stock


DBS System Manuals on CDROM

System installation and maintenance manuals on CDROM for Panasonic DBS telephone systems. Read More

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(Model # DBS-SYSDOC-CD) In Stock


DBS Battery Backup

The backup batteries supply power to the system in the event of a power failure. If the Battery Backup option is chosen for the system, each cabinet requires...Read More

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(Model # VB-44025) In Stock


DEC MDF Cables

10 cables. Read More

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(Model # VB-44619) In Stock


PCMCIA Programming Tool

Special card used to mate with CPC 96 and CPC 288 processor card for software upgrades. Read More

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(Model # VB-44470) In Stock

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