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Panasonic DBS System Manual
Panasonic DBS System Manual


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DBS 824 Cabinet Equipped for (4x8)

The DBS 824 supports up to 8 CO lines and 24 stations. The cabinet includes an AC power supply, dedicated card slots, and a central connector panel, with...Read More

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(Model # VB-42050) In Stock


DBS 824 208 Expansion Card (New)

Provides expansion of the base DBS 824 system by 2 loop CO lines and 8 digital stations. CPC-S allows one of these card to be installed in the system,...Read More

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(Model # VB-42651) In Stock


4-Line Power Failure Unit

The power failure unit is designed to switch outside dial tone from the telephone company directly to a Single Line Telephone when power is lost. The...Read More

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(Model # VB-43703) In Stock


DBS Remote Administration Interface A(RAI-A) card

This card is installed on the SCC-A or SCC-B providing a 300 baud transmission speed for remote programming. Read More

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(Model # VB-43706) In Stock


DBS Battery Backup Unit

Provides battery backup in the event of a commercial power failure. Used on the DBS 32, 40, 72 & 96 KSU's. Read More

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(Model # VB-43130X) In Stock


DBS System Manuals on CDROM

System installation and maintenance manuals on CDROM for Panasonic DBS telephone systems. Read More

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(Model # DBS-SYSDOC-CD) In Stock


DBS 824 DTMF Receiver Unit

Provides 2 optional DTMF interface circuits. This card is utilized only when DISA is required, and can only be used with the CPC-M. It is installed in...Read More

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(Model # VB-42431) In Stock


DBS Remote Administration Interface B (RAI-B) card

This card is installed on the SCC-B card providing either a 300 or 1200 baud transmission speed for remote programming. Read More

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(Model # VB-43707) In Stock


Off-Premise Extension Adapter (Refurbished)

Analog telephones can be connected as off-premise stations through a direct line to the DBS or through the central office, depending on how far the stations...Read More


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Regular Price: $199.99

You Save: $20.00 (10%)

(Model # VB-43702) In Stock


CPC-S Software Upgrade

Read More

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(Model # VB-42450A) In Stock


DBS 824 Serial Interface Unit

The serial interface unit provides two RS232C 9-pin serial ports. One port is used for Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR), while the other connects...Read More

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(Model # VB-42712) In Stock


DTMF Receiver Card

This card provides 8 DTMF receiver circuits. Required in the DBs 40, 72, and 96 port systems when using the analog station card for analog devices that...Read More

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(Model # VB-43431) In Stock


DBS Door phone Adapter

Provides interface for door boxes, door openers and sensor units. Each adapter will support up to 2 door boxes, 2 door openers and 1 sensor. A maximum...Read More


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Regular Price: $279.95

You Save: $19.98 (7%)

(Model # VB-43701) In Stock


DBS 824 CPC-M Processor

The CPC-M provides a few enhanced software features for the DBS 824 system. The CPC-M processor accommodates up to a "8x24" configuration. The card installs...Read More

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(Model # VB-42451) In Stock


DBS Applications Processor Interface Card (API)

Provides an interface path between the telephone system's information BUS and the PanaVOICE or Courier Voice Mail System. Includes API card and cable....Read More

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(Model # VB-44970IP) In Stock


CPC-M Software Upgrade

Read More

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(Model # VB-42451A) In Stock


DBS 824 Caller ID Interface-B (CID-B)

Provides the same Caller ID features as the CID-A for CO line positions 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the DBS 824 system. Installs into a socket on the CID-A card....Read More

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(Model # VB-42552) In Stock


Analog Adapter

Can convert 4 digital circuits to analog circuits. This unit is designed to work with the DBS 824 system and contains 4 modular connectors, so that digital...Read More

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(Model # VB-43709) In Stock


Voice Announce Unit

This is a basic two port automated attendant capable of either single digit or station dialing. The unit includes 32 seconds of digital recording per...Read More

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(Model # VB-43708) In Stock


Telephony Server Application Programming Interface (TSAPI) Kit

This TSAPI kit enables the DBS to supports Novell's LAN based telephony applications....Read More

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(Model # VB-43941) In Stock

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