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  TuffSet 20 Binaural Headset
TuffSet 20 Binaural Headset
  TuffSet 25 Binaural Headset
TuffSet 25 Binaural Headset
  TuffSet 37 Convertible Headset
TuffSet 37 Convertible Headset
  TuffSet Link 20-12 Binaural Headset
TuffSet Link 20-12 Binaural Headset


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Tuffset Dialpad

A complete single line telephone, compatible with VXI Tuffest QD10-6 and 20-6 headsets. Ideal for telephone intensive situations where a headset is always...Read More

Detail Box

(Model # 201211) In Stock


TuffSet Carbon 1

Line powered modular amplifier for Carbon Telephones....Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $89.95

You Save: $11.98 (13%)

(Model # 201326) In Stock


TuffSet 10 Monaural Headset

This lightweight, ultra-comfortable headset is especially good for contact center agents. Designed for all-day wear, very durable and technologically...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $92.00

You Save: $13.03 (14%)

(Model # 200585) In Stock


TuffSet 15 Monaural Headset

Great for noisy environments. The TuffSet 15 is a monaural noise-attenuating headset that is designed with comfort in mind. Insulated earpiece helps keep...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $240.00

You Save: $41.03 (17%)

(Model # 200588) In Stock


TuffSet 20 Binaural Headset

Designed for comfort and clarity to meet the need for all day wear as required by contact center agents. The binaural design is ideal for noisy office...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $112.00

You Save: $19.03 (17%)

(Model # 200586) In Stock


TuffSet Link 20-12 Binaural Headset

Binaural headset for Nortel and SP & PLX series Plantronics amplifiers (no QD). (formerly THS 20-12) Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $118.00

You Save: $18.03 (15%)

(Model # 200576) In Stock


TuffSet Link 20-8 Binaural Headset for ETS Dialers

Binaural headset for all VXI modular amplifiers except Carbon 3 (no QD). Compatible with ETS predictive dialer systems. (formerly THS 20-8)...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $118.00

You Save: $18.03 (15%)

(Model # 200578) In Stock


TuffSet 25 Binaural Headset

Even the loudest environments won’t get in your way. Features two insulated earpieces for the ultimate in noise-attenuation. Use with VXI's TuffSet amplifiers....Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $280.00

You Save: $46.03 (16%)

(Model # 200589) In Stock


TuffSet 37 Convertible Headset

Converts in a snap! So lightweight, you'll hardly know you're wearing it! Designed with contact center professionals and home office users in mind. Stylish,...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $96.00

You Save: $15.03 (16%)

(Model # 201083) Pre-Sale: Available Monday, September 13, 2004


TuffSet 20 Observer Headset w/o Microphone

Binaural observer headset allows supervisors or trainees to listen to agent calls for training purposes. Does not have a microphone, so the caller does...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $89.95

You Save: $9.98 (11%)

(Model # 200547) In Stock


Footswitch for 60v/Bahama/CT Switch

The footswitch accessory replaces the toggle button function on the CT switch, (and the discontinued Parrott 60V and Bahama switch), which alternates...Read More

Detail Box

(Model # 200196) In Stock


Replacement Foam Ear Cover

EC1020 Soft ear cushion for VXI headsets (Excluding the TuffSet 15, 25 or 36). Also works with Parrott TalkPro products. Read More

Detail Box

(Model # 13001) In Stock


Replacement Foam Microphone Cover for TuffSet Headsets

MC2020 foam microphone cover for TuffSet headsets. Read More

Detail Box

(Model # 200541-001) In Stock


Tuffset QD1026 Cord

Tuffset connector cord for direct plug in situations where an amplifier is not required. Provides quick disconnect (QD) on one end and moduler connector...Read More

Detail Box

(Model # 30047) In Stock


2.5mm to QD Adapter Cord

QD 1095 cord for use with cordless telephones that have a 2.5mm headset jack. Cimply combine this lower cord with any VXI TuffSet headsets (TuffSet 10,...Read More

Detail Box

(Model # 10058) In Stock


TuffSet USB Cord with Digital Signal Processing

Heightens audio performance by converting the headset's microphone signal from analog to digital, thereby providing a signal that is completely compatible...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $69.98

You Save: $4.01 (6%)

(Model # 200667) In Stock


Passport 20G Binaural Professional Noise Canceling Headset

Passport 20G is a high quality, professional grade binaural headset solution for contact center use. This headset is designed to provide easy integration...Read More

Detail Box | Product Brochure (pdf)

Mfg. List Price: $116.00

You Save: $23.03 (20%)

(Model # PASSPORT-20G) In Stock


TuffSet Plug Prong Console

2 prong plug console amplifier. Headset cord is positioned to the side of the amplifier rather than directly in the middle, which prevents the user from...Read More

Detail Box

Mfg. List Price: $109.95

You Save: $9.98 (9%)

(Model # 200567-002) In Stock

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