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20 Button Digital Speakerphone
20 Button Digital Speakerphone
CTX670 Package
CTX670 Package
Design your new phone system today!
Design your new phone system today!
Strata DK14 KSU w/Power Supply
Strata DK14 KSU w/Power Supply


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Strata DK14 KSU w/Power Supply - 2x4

Equipped with 2 incoming loop start CO line circuits and 4 digital telephone circuits built-in. Includes external paging interface, music-on-hold/background...Read More

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(Model # DKSU14) Usually Ships in 1 Week


1 Hour - Toshiba Phone System Technical Support

Telephone technical support for Toshiba telephone systems. Purchased in 1 hour increments. May be used in 15 minute increments....Read More

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(Model # TOSHIBA-TS) In Stock


Strata CTX/WinAdmin/DK Documentation Library (CD-ROM)

Complete documentation library for all Toshiba DKi and CTX telephone systems on CR ROM. Includes WinAdmin programming software for use with CTX systems....Read More

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(Model # STA-CD-WALIB-VA) In Stock


System Installation and Maintenance Manual

Provides all hardware and programming information necessary to install and maintain a Toshiba Telephone System. Separate manuals are available for each...Read More

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(Model # IM-MANUAL) In Stock


DK14i / DK40i / DK424 / DK424i Installation & Programming Manual

Installation, programming and maintenance manual used for Toshiba DK14 (release 3.1) and DK14i, DK40i, DK424 & DK424i (release 4.3). Includes ACD programming...Read More

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(Model # 1750002-1) In Stock


Door Phone/Monitor Station Unit (Chocolate Brown)

As desired, maximum 12 per digital system or 6 per electronic system. Maximum 3 per HDCB or DDCB. Read More

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(Model # MDFB) In Stock


Digital Door Phone Control Box

One for each of 3 door phone stations. Each DDCB requires 1 digital station port. Only 1 DDCB's can be connected per PDKU. Maximum 3 may installed in...Read More

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(Model # DDCB) In Stock


CO Line/Digital Phone Interface Unit (1x2)

Provides 1 additional incoming telephone CO line circuit and 2 additional digital telephone circuits. Maximum 2 TO-QCDU per system. Read More

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(Model # QCDU) In Stock


Standard Phone Interface Unit (0x0x2)

Provides 2 standard telephone station ports. 1 port per DTMF or rotary telephone, or peripheral device such as Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, fax, separate...Read More

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(Model # QSTU) In Stock


Conference Interface Unit.

As desired for spares. Mounts inside the KSU. Read More

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(Model # QCNU) In Stock


SMDR/TTY Interface Unit.

Provides an interface for either SMDR or TTY maintenance port 2-way interface. Read More

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(Model # QSMU) In Stock


Automated Attendant (Built-in) Feature Option Key.

1 per system for use of Auto Attendant option. Installs into the QRCU2 DTMF receiver. Also required is external digital announcer(s), and standard port(s). Read More

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(Model # QKYS) In Stock


3-circuit DTMF Receiver/ ABR Detector.

1 per system required for connection of DTMF standard telephones, Direct Inward System Access (DISA) lines, and voice mail devices. Also provides busy...Read More

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(Model # QRCU2) In Stock


Power Supply for Strata DK8 KSU

As desired for spares. Part of the KSU. Limited supply. Read More

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(Model # QPSU) In Stock

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