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6/18/2004  Comment:

"Many thanks for your advice on the Panasonic 2.4GHz cordless phone. It is a real winner! After 3 others I had tried, this one works as it should, quiet, decent range and well built. Thank you for your knowledge and advice and speedy service. I got it in 2 days with the ground freight and the charges were also resonable. You are a class act. I'll be back."

Alex W. - Memphis, TN

5/28/2004  Comment:

"I am very pleased that I was able to purchase this product in the color to match my other outlets. I could not find it anywhere else in stores or on the internet. Thank you."

Elaine J. - Goffstown, NH

5/21/2004  Comment:

"I've been doing business with your company now for a few years. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the simplicity of placing and receiving orders. I like that I can do everything online and not have to waste time with calling someone. My orders have always shipped and been received in record time and without ever having an order or equipment issue. Keep up the great work!!"

Jackie R. - Apple Valley, MN

4/26/2004  Comment:

"My order arrived two days ago and was perfect. Thanks to [salesperson] my simple request was followed up on and the order filled to perfection. It is wonderful to deal with a company who has employees who actually make things happen."

Jim M. - San Antonio, TX

4/20/2004  Comment:

"I was ready to order from another company until I noticed they wanted to charge $19.95 shipping. I am happy to pay a fair price for shipping like you charge."

Heather B. - Medford, OR

4/19/2004  Comment:

"Just a short note of personal thanks for assisting me in getting the replacement batteries for my phone. I just received them this morning and couldn't believe how quickly the order was filled and shipped. You are the best !"

Richard A. - Arlington Heights, IL

4/14/2004  Comment:

"Last Friday I received a device I purchased from Hello Direct I think they are called. The thing didn't work so I called the manufacturer's tech service. Wouldn't you know it they close at 4:30PM and did not open until 8:30AM the following Monday (yesterday). Because I had a call I wanted to record beginning at 8AM I called Hello Direct, and they actually hung up on me when I complained that I did all I could and felt the manual was very hard to understand.

I accept many things, but the practice of a support unit of hanging up on a customer is for me beyond the pale.

I am glad for the moment anyway, because after calling many organizations, I located you. You by far are the most courteous person I have dwelt with almost anywhere. And the product appears to be a much better value because it will accomplish the two functions I need to accomplish. I would have had to find another device had the other situation been satisfactory.

I think I am going to be happy with the product when it arrives, but I wanted to say that you helped me solve a nagging problem as professionally as any one could, and given the circumstances I really appreciate it. Good customer service may be a small thing, but at times such as these, it is fantastic."

Gordon B. - Marina, CA

4/7/2004  Comment:

"Just wanted to compliment you on your web site. It was easy to find what I wanted and to order it with different billing and US shipping addresses."

Cary S. - Mission Viejo, CA

4/5/2004  Comment:

"Thanks to the helpful sales rep that helped me find what I needed to get the job done. Even though I found it cheaper elsewhere, I am purchasing it here to reward your excellent customer service."

DeWayne G. - Portland, OR

3/26/2004  Comment:

"Thank you for the quick action. Although we did not close the sale I must say the service you gave is PERFECT! Perhaps I will buy with TWA sometime soon. Of course I will ask you to be my contact then! With kind regards!"

Rik C. - Netherlands

3/25/2004  Comment:

"Wow, I ordered this product yesterday and I received it today. That is the best service I have ever had from any company on-line. Thank you and by the way everything works great."

Craig C - Fresno, CA

3/18/2004  Comment:

"I have been trying for 2 months thru our local suppliers here, and have had no luck at all. I was told that they could not even back order it for me because their supplier was unreliable. They said it could take up to 4 more months!! This was totally unacceptable for my buisness. I'm very happy that you have these items in stock and can supply my business with some sorely needed items. Thank You very much. Sincerly Michael C."

Michael C., Honolulu, HI

3/9/2004  Comment:

"Thank you very much for your help today. I was pretty close to having a nervous breakdown. After struggling with this system for approximately 7 hours, you made everything seem so simple. Again, I couldn't have figured this out without your help. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kathy R. - Wilmington, DE

3/1/2004  Comment:

"Just a comment---Never got such fast response. The phone arrived before your email advising me the order was sent out!!!!!! Fantastic"

Gary I. - Bay City, MI

2/25/2004  Comment:

"Thank you so very much for filling my order. I've just used it and it works great. The few extra days that I had to wait was no trouble, and I will be glad to refer anyone about your service."

George R. - Lancaster, SC

2/12/2004  Comment:

"You shipped on time, and I got my order early. I'm nearly speechless, but you can count on my telling everyone who will stand still 2 minutes about you. Your web site was straight forward. Ordering was simple and easy. Your confirmation was excellent. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Rare, to say the least."

Warren H., Dallas, TX

1/23/2004  Comment:

"Thank You! I was able to print the manual I needed to re-program my phone/answering machine. I am so excited! [My answering machine] was not allowing messages to be left - just a generic greeting came on. Thanks to your response, I am able to now fix the greeting setting. In the meantime, I purchased [another] cordless phone/answering system & I hate it! The clarity is NOTHING compared to my Panasonic. We cant even hear the messages left-they sound garbled. Likewise, our out-going message sounds HORRIBLE! Hopefully, I can return this product to the store. Thanks again! I SO MUCH appreciate your response & the link to the website for my manual. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!"

Barbara M., Syracuse, NY

1/14/2004  Comment:

"I just ordered an Avaya module from you guys a few days ago and already recieved it. Great Job! Thanks"

Brett P., Lake Worth, FL

1/5/2004  Comment:

"I have spent two days looking for a headset that will work on my phone. After calling I received help from your representative that placed me right on target. Now, I am able to purchase what I need for my phone. Thanks!"

Damian P - Newport News, VA

12/8/2003  Comment:

"I can't believe I found excatly what I was looking for. This is for my 86 year old mother in law. I do wish it came in Rotary. Thank you for just being there."

Dorothy Y.

12/1/2003  Comment:

"I just wanted to let you know that my telephone recording device was delivered safe and sound, and it works with my DSL, filter-in-place, too. It was very easy to install. Thank you for your help. You were courteous and professional, and took the time to answer all my questions. You didn't pretend to know everything, your honesty appreciated, and so you extended yourself to find out -- then, added the information to the computer for future reference! Not many people would think or care enough to do that. I hope your employer knows how good you are. You made a big sale for such a small item. You will be the first person I call if I ever need anything that your company can supply. I would also recommend you to others. Thank you again and have a great holiday!"

Debbie S.

11/7/2003  Comment:

"I have received my headset and it is GREAT. Your staff has been very helpful with me since I am hearing impaired and could not find anyone who knew about my needs more than your customer service agents."

David M.

11/6/2003  Comment:

"I placed my order on Tuesday 11/04/2003 online, and didn't recieve it until late (2:30) pm on Wednesday 11/05/2003. I must say that if that is the best you can do ... just keep it up. Thank you for such a speedy response."

Bobby H.

10/16/2003  Comment:

"I'm shocked, but happy shocked! -- My order arrived today, one day after it was placed. Thanks!!"

Bob F.

9/30/2003  Comment:

"Hi Mr. Joseph, Thank you for your recent purchase from The GN Netcom Wireless 9120 with Remote handset lifter was $330.04 at [], with 3 Day shipping at $24.05 for a total of $354.09. Our price for the GN Netcom Wireless 9120 with Remote handset lifter is $429.90 with 3 Day shipping at no charge for a total of $429.90. We will be processing a refund for 110% of the difference to the Visa you had placed the order with. That refund amount will be $83.39 ($75.81 Xs 110%), and show to your account in 2-3 business days. Again, thank you for your order and feel free to call or e-mail with any questions. -- Mike Muehleisen Customer Service, Inc."

Mr. Joseph

9/26/2003  Comment:

"My friends have raved about you for I figured I have to give you guys a try!"

Erik M.

9/24/2003  Comment:

"First I'd like to tell you it was a pleasure to buy from you guys. Checkout was simple and easy, thats a plus, and the order status with the tracking included was fantastic too. You have set it up just perfect. Great job!!"

Mel W.

9/5/2003  Comment:

"I have just received the above order from your company and I wanted to say Thank You for such quick, painless and efficient ordering system. In this day and age when and if, anything goes right, or as promised, is quite a pleasant surprise. The gentlemen that assisted me on the telephone, [salesperson], was very professional, helpful and a pleasure to deal with! Again, my thanks to TWAcomm and [salesperson] for a job well done."

Suzanne K.

8/15/2003  Comment:

"Employee, you're great! Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciate how quickly you have responded to my E-mails. I would recommend this site to anyone who needs assistance with their current phone equipment or may be considering a new system."

Andrea B

7/29/2003  Comment:

"I received the phone. Thank you so very much. TWAcomm was a pleasure to work with, you had what I need, it was in stock and shipped. It's nice to see a company with customer service and follow through, I would recommend you."

Carolyn M.

7/28/2003  Comment:

"I wanted to inform you of a positive experience your employee provided last Friday. I work with a holding company that manages several businesses – most of which use Panasonic Hybrid System telephones. Our corporate company required additional phones for new employees and we found twacomm on the web. Our original order of two phones was not enough and we required an additional phone immediately. After placing an order for another phone online, we realized that we missed the deadline for early delivery. Your sales rep turned our foul up into good fortune. After speaking with [salesperson], he was able to get the phone to us by our required deadline even though we exceeded your delivery cutoff time. Thanks to [salesperson] and your easily navigable website, we will make TWAcomm our priority vendor for future phone/voice needs. Best wishes for continued success."

Jeff E.

6/18/2003  Comment:

"I am a customer of TWAcomm. This is the third time I [have bought] an earpiece. I AM A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!! One thing though: The e-mail you sent letting me know that my order was shipped and would get here in 4-5 business days, got here AFTER I got my earpiece and was already using it. IS THIS GOOD SERVICE OR WHAT?!!!!!!!! GREAT SERVICE!!!!! Thanks a lot!"

Gloria T.

6/17/2003  Comment:

"Decent WEB site. More expensive than Home Depot for some items - especially Leviton QuickPort RCA Jacks - but then you have all the other items I need and Home Depot does not!!"

David Z.

6/13/2003  Comment:

"I want to thank you for taking care of this for me and appreciate the speed with which it was handled. I look forward to the shipment and will return the incorrect item per the shipping label. Again, thanks and have a GREAT weekend. P.S. Thank [Employee] for me too.!."

Drew C. D.

6/13/2003  Comment:

"We received the phone in just 3 days and it works great! Thank you for your prompt service. My 84 year old Dad can now talk to and HEAR his friends and family."

Frank V.

5/2/2003  Comment:

"What an awesome website - and incredibly easy ordering process, payment options and process, etc. All very impressive. Can't wait to get my telephone!! THANK YOU!!"

Lory K.

5/2/2003  Comment:

"I would like to congradulate both you and your Company in regard to my order #1039xx. Not only did I recieve a speedy email response confirming the order, it was shipped the same day. The following day I recieved another email confirming the order had shipped and included a UPS tracking number. Being a business owner I must say it is refreshing to see a company with that fast of a turn around and really on top of things. I find more and more that kind of service hard to find. I will be using your Company for all of my telecommunication needs in the future. Job well done! Sincerely,"

Jack H.

4/7/2003  Comment:

"After hours of searching for this particular headset on the web, I was very pleased to find your website. It has a great selection and great prices. Thanks!"

John T.

4/7/2003  Comment:

"Thanks so much for the e-mail (our systems were finally working together and I received your email last night). You did a great job organizing all the information and I'm quite impressed with your knowledge of the system. It's refreshing to have someone capable of listening to my needs and providing me with a system that meets those needs without a bunch of "extras.""

Frank M.

3/28/2003  Comment:

"I placed an order with TWA Comm. at 3pm on 3/27/03. I did not expect it until maybe the first Thursday in April. I was amazed when the package arrived THIS Morning about 10 minutes BEFORE I received the email with tracking info from you. Wish everybody could do that! Many thanks from me, and the customers who can be helped just that much faster."

Jenn W.

3/24/2003  Comment:

"You guys are fantastic to work with! Great prices and fast shipping. The item I ordered from you arrived today and is in perfect condition. I'm putting your website in my 'favorites' so that I can use you again! Thanks so much for being so professional."

Ronald R.

3/24/2003  Comment:

"I just got off the phone with "Employee", at your offices. I suppose you sometimes get complaints through this email, but it is just the opposite for me. I was treated with respect and was made to feel that whatever problem I have is important to someone. I was pleasantly surprised and I just wanted to say thank you for having people in your system that are capable and professional. I guess a person can buy a Panasonic phone almost anywhere,but the can't buy someone like "Employee" Thanks again. James C."

James C.

2/21/2003  Comment:

"My thanks to (Employee) at extension (xxx) for all his help. You've got a very knowledgeable salesperson here. He was a great help. We've been trying to find the correct head sets for some time and everyone else (not your site) could only narrow it down to 1 or 2 models. (Employee) knew what I needed right from the beginning of our conversation saving a lot of time for me. Thanks (Employee), BG Quality Engineer III"

Bethany G.

2/14/2003  Comment:

"We just wanted to tell you how delighted we are with the stellar service we received from you regarding Order. Your knowledge and expertise allowed us to get the best equipment to fit our needs. Furthermore, pricing was competitive, the web site was easy to use, and our equipment arrived as promised. Please remember that it is employees like yourself that make any good company "great". In our opinion, a business can offer its customers three things (price, product and service). All things being equal, service is the most important aspect and will make or break a company every time. So far, our experience with has been excellent and we would highly recommend your company to others. Please keep up the good work!"

Scott C.

1/23/2003  Comment:

"I am very impressed with the quality of your service. After speaking to [Customer Service] to clear up my inability to correctly type in my credit card number, I received my order less than 24 hours later. I will shop with you again!"

Robert K.

1/15/2003  Comment:

"Thanks so much for the fast response. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions."

Debra M

1/15/2003  Comment:

"Thank you for your great service on an order I recently placed via your website. I placed it on a Saturday and the merchandise arrived on Tuesday! Not only was the product exactly what I wanted and at a terrific price, but the box was well-packed to safely protect the contents."

Mike B.

12/20/2002  Comment:

"Thank you for helping me with the information about the XL-50 phone. My eighty year old mother is delighted. She can make phone calls and talk to relatives again. Your wonderful service and time was appreciated. You helped me make the right choice of phones and I am grateful."

Greg M.

12/18/2002  Comment:

"The Product arrived as promised. Thank you. My young daughter will love her new Tweety phone. As a heads up to you though, you need to let Canadian residents know there is a brokerage fee [charged by UPS]. I paid [the cost of] the phone, expected [a shipping charge] but did not expect an additional COD [brokerage charge]. I was in a position to pay this but some may not.

My experience with your company was a great one and I will be passing along to all friends the excellent service I received. To continue with that excellent service you might want to let people know their going to be hit with this [brokerage] charge.

Thanks again...Happy Holidays!!!

Louis D.

12/11/2002  Comment:

"Thanks so much for your care in helping us get through this problem. It turned out to be a modem configuration problem. The Stick is the rock! I have not even noticed any problems for the past two years with the unit. So the streak of problemless lives on."

Ron H.

11/29/2002  Comment:

"Thank you for your assistance and patience in answering my questions and helping me put together a telephone system that better meets my SOHO needs while staying within budget. I look forward to using this system and anticipate a much improved ease of use along with performance over the kludge we currently have in place."

Bob S.

11/25/2002  Comment:

"You may recall that I spoke to you last week and ended up purchasing a new phone system for my motel. I want to thank you for your expertise in recommending a perfect system for our needs, and also for your honesty in not trying to sell me a more expensive and elaborate system than required. We saved a great deal of money compared to the cost of systems that others had recommended, and I was able to install and program it myself. The fact that this system works with our existing wiring and off-the-shelf phone units is a particular advantage. I'll definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again. Sincerely, Emmett F. Owner"

Emmett F.

11/22/2002  Comment:

"Hi. I just set up a new Panasonic voice mail system, and my boss was really on me to get it set up the way he wanted it. I didn't buy it from your firm, but I DID find ALL the info I needed to get it set up. With that kind of support so readily available, I have bookmarked your site, and will consider you for future business wihtout hesitation. You have provided me with great service without even trying. Kudos!"

Ned H.

11/12/2002  Comment:

"I got the (UPS) label and have mailed back the two defective units. My sincere thanks to all of you especially "employee". Your service is superb. The replacements units you sent are functioning as they should. Incidentally, do you have a catalog of the merchandise you have there? I'm particularly interested in a unit that I can set to turn my phone system on and off at selected times. and/or requires a code to access my phone. Again, thanks for your timely, efficient manner in which you processed my order. Sincerely, "Win""

Emeile W.

11/12/2002  Comment:

"I am a first time buyer of TWAcomm and I just want to say Thank You! The response time was quick and the merchandise was delivered "on time" as promised. I just received my InTouch 5000 and how greatly satisfied I am with the product. I have been through similar products that were on the shelf but none of them worked. To all Internet users at home: This is a great tool to have. Thank you TWAcomm, not only did you offer the item at a cheaper price, most of all, your service was excellent!!!"

Maribelle H.

11/11/2002  Comment:

"Many thanks for a job well done! You made my weekend perfect by helping to solve our documentation problems. It's a real joy to have appropriate and knowledgeable help when you need it. Please accept my heartfelt thanks!"

Roger D.

11/1/2002  Comment:

"I like your company - beautiful products and great website! Are you publicly traded? If so, what is your symbol and on which exchange? Thank you."

Mike N.

10/14/2002  Comment:

"Thanks for your prompt delivery. Got my battery last Friday as promised. You guys are great to deal with!!"

Jim E.

10/14/2002  Comment:

"THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU The telephone arrived on Thursday afternoon, before my daughter's birthday on Friday. We all had a wonderful time and she was thrilled with her phone. Thank-you again for such excellent service and support. Yours, Linda S."

Linda S.

9/23/2002  Comment:

"Had to come back and get another headset for home use! parrot bahama 2 stereo headset is the best I've used for voice recognition with dragon naturally speaking version 6 and the hook into the telephone makes my limited mobility easier to live with! Thanks!"

Eric V.

9/19/2002  Comment:

"I ordered a Casablanca telephone last week and it was delivered today. Just wanted to say a big Thanks. It is exactly as described and we are very pleased with it and your excellent service."

Mary Y.

8/20/2002  Comment:

"Thank you so much. I am very happy with the product and your great service. Will be glad to recommend you to friends and associates."

Chuck Z.

7/16/2002  Comment:

"Just wanted to let you know that I got my phone, and I love it! I will deal with your company from now on, and I will tell others! Thank you so much!"

Kathy & Bruce D.

7/12/2002  Comment:

"I Just wanted to thank you for your great service! My phone was delivered in less time than I had anticipated and it's now up and running. Out of all the suppliers on the net, your company was the only one that had the AT&T 1872 in stock and ready to ship. I really love this phone and I'm glad I found you to replace it for me. Many Thanks."

Tom K.

7/10/2002  Comment:

"Ordering from your company has been by far the best dot com experience I have ever had...Thanks"

Edward M.

6/26/2002  Comment:

"We recently purchased an Amanada@Soho Power Supply from your company. I was just writing to thank you and especially [our salerperson] for his help and support during this purchase. His timely return telephone calls and promptness in getting the product to us was greatly appreciated. We hope to do business again with your company. On behalf of the members of our company, again, thank you."

Karen C.

6/7/2002  Comment:

"Wanted to compliment you on the speed and responsiveness of my order I recently placed with your company. Everything ran extremely smoothly. I will definitely purchase again from your company. Thanks for an excellent experience. This is what buying on the web should be all about. You indicated 4-6 days for delivery and it was here THE NEXT DAY. WOW"

Bradley K.

6/6/2002  Comment:

"The Ameriphone answering machine which I ordered on 6/4 has arrived and is working. Thank you for the great service."

Priscilla B.

5/17/2002  Comment:

"We received our shipment today and were very satisfied. Not only are your prices competitive, but your service was excellent. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to our order, we will certainly use you again in the future."

Terri R.

5/16/2002  Comment:

"I am writing to inform you of the excellent sales representative you have in [your sales representitive]. I called TWAcomm with an inquiry regarding a product I wanted to order. When [your sales representitive] and I discovered that the product would not meet all of my needs, he immediately began searching for something with all the features I required. Sensing it was taking a while longer than he anticipated, he asked if he could have my telephone number so that he could call me back after a more thorough seach. I left it with him and within just a few moments, he called with just the product for me. Competent, professional and courteous service is a rarity these days. You need to make sure you hold on to [your sales representitive]. He represents exceptionally well and would be an asset to any company."

Diane W.

5/15/2002  Comment:

"I wanted to let you know that I received spectacular service from [your customer service rep] today regarding my order. She was very responsive to a shipment problem, and resolved the problem to my satisfaction. Great job!"

Susan R.

4/29/2002  Comment:

"Hi there! I just wanted to send you a quick note to first of all thank you very getting my order out right away, it was there in 2 days just as you had stated via UPS 2nd Day. Secondly, I wanted to thank you for the quality of the product I bought. It was a Walker Clarity Cordless telephone. My mother recently had 6 intense weeks of radiation therapy for a brain tumor. Nonetheless a side effect of the radiation is temporary partial hearing loss (not knowing when it will come back). My mom has talked to all of our family and everyone is so happy, we don't have to yell for her to hear us. She can hear us super well and with excellent clarity!! Thank you, you made things great for her and for her family!!"

Gaye S.

4/4/2002  Comment:

"Just wanted to say that I was pleased with the service your company provided. Though I have not received my shipment yet, so far everything has gone smoothly. Even had a respresentative call and iron out some product availabilty problems...., the gentlemen did a fine job. The shopping experience has been both efficient and carefree. Thank You"

Will M.

3/25/2002  Comment:

"This is AWESOME! You guys are terrific. Thank you very, very much - you've saved my husband and I a LOT of brain damage!"

Celia M.

3/14/2002  Comment:

"Just a short note to let you know I received my Hatis Freedom headset yesterday and I'm so pleased with it. I tested it on both a cell phone and my CD player. I'm so impressed with how well I hear with the sound going directly to my hearing aid. Thanks for taking my order and having the product shipped quickly."

Melissa E.

3/13/2002  Comment:

"I just wanted to let everyone know what wonderful service I recieved. I ordered my telephone on Monday. The next morning there was a confirmation email letting me know that my order had been processed and shipped on Tuesday. Wednesday evening my phone was at my front door. I was not expecting it as it had been shipped UPS ground which usually takes 4-6 days. Thank you so very much for your prompt service."

Amanda K.

3/2/2002  Comment:

"Very impressive service. I won't forget you guys (gals?) Thanks,"

John M.

2/21/2002  Comment:

"I really appreciate the time you took to check that out! I wanted to make sure it had arrived. Doing business with TWAcomm is sure different from the last place we ordered EnGenius telephones! We'll be back again soon I'm sure."

Alan S.

2/18/2002  Comment:

"Thanks for the response. Someone had told me to get the most recent version because of issues with the older revs, hence my question. I spent this morning checking it out...Wow---pretty neat. I'll play with it more this week. How long will you be selling these units (I understand the company folded)? Maybe some simple questions in the future, but for now it's all set up and ready to fly with less than an hours work! Thanks"

Dan M.

1/29/2002  Comment:

"Thank you so much for the information. I just love this VP206; it is an amazing value. I bought it for use in our homeless ministry. It's difficult to find a job when you don't have a phone number to give employers so we are allowing the job seekers to each have a voice mailbox. If the program grows, and I expect it will, I will be adding the memory at that time. The system is very affordable and easy to use."

Jan A.

1/25/2002  Comment:

"I received my order yesterday and am extremely happy with the service. I will recomend you folks to everyone. Wish more internet service companies would take a look at on how to do it right the first time."

Keith K.

1/15/2002  Comment:

"Thank you! It's been a very long time since I've seen this kind of service. Although I was expecting the delivery possibly end of this week, maybe next, today - Tuesday - I received it! Dear God, you've got a rare service! Keep it please! It's wonderful!"

Terrye F.

1/9/2002  Comment:

"Just wanted to thank you again for the new Voice Mail system. It's working great! Delivery was fast too! We'll be sure to give you a call next time we need other similar products."

Brian K.

12/28/2001  Comment:

"This has been one of the best purchasing experiences I have had on the internet so far. THANKS"

Jeff S.

12/18/2001  Comment:

"This past weekend, I gave my elderly parents the amplified cordless phone (AME-76510), and they are absolutely delighted with it. My mother actually got to enjoy a phone conversation for the first time in over a year. Also, it is so nice for us not to have to shout when talking with them over the phone. I just wanted to share with you all of our pleasure in your product."

Joan M.

12/14/2001  Comment:

"I wanted to thank you for the prompt service you have shown regarding my order. I went to first and ordered this phone (it said it was in stock) and then it took them 4 more days to let me know it was backordered and they couldn't tell if the shipment would be filled before Christmas. I did a search online by the phone I wanted and was directed to your site. After I ordered from you I was pleasantly surprised to see that the business I ordered from was in my old home town of Huntington Beach, California. Then you further surprised me by having the item in stock and shipping it ASAP. I am very happy that I will be getting my order before Christmas. In the future any telecommunication needs of mine will be first directed to your website. Hope the weather is nice in sunny SoCal. Thanks again!"

Stacie G.

12/12/2001  Comment:

"The [VP206] phone system I got here is the best thing I ever did for my business! Thanks"

Julie C.

12/11/2001  Comment:

"cool...I have been looking for a leopard phone for a room in my house that is leopard print! Erin"

Erin from KS

12/4/2001  Comment:

"Thanks for your great service! We are enjoying our new phone system and have recommended to our friends."

Todd G.

11/5/2001  Comment:

"Thanks for your personal and excellent service! You shipped quickly, let us know the tracking number for FedEx, and otherwise handled our order expertly (and in a very friendly manner also). On top of all that, your company's price was at least $30 less than any other source on the Internet. Please let your general manager know that we're very happy with you and with your company."

David C.

11/3/2001  Comment:

"Just want to thank you for the up-date. Please let someone in your organization know that [my salesperson] is a great guy and has wonderful personal skills and communication skills. Do not know when I was treated so great by a salesperson and he was very prompt in responding to my first e-mail and answering all my questions. Again, hats off to [my salesperson]."

Margaret B.

11/1/2001  Comment:

"Thank you for replying to my email. I feel that says a lot for you and your company. I did go to the System Wizard for help with my configuration. It was extremely helpful! I'm just a simple phone tech, who just installs and programs the equipment. I've never been asked to configure a system and get pricing for it, so the Wizard was a big help. I think your web site is great and I am looking forward to doing business with you. Rest assured you will be hearing from me soon. Thanks again for your response."

Mike M.

10/29/2001  Comment:

"I recently placed an order for a Siemens telephone/answering machine at your online site. I had been shopping for a new phone at several different electronics stores before ordering from you, these stores were either out of stock on anything I wanted or had a poor selection to choose from. Your online shopping was easy and well layed out. I ordered the product I wanted and received it two days later. I am not only pleased with my new phone, but also impressed with the quickness and accuracy with which you shipped my order. In these days of poor custumer service almost everywhere you turn, it was a pleasure doing business with Thank You."

Michael A.

10/26/2001  Comment:

"Thank you for recommending the Voice Pro 408. This is a great system for our business. It gives us sophisitcated functionality without breaking the bank. It was a snap to install and programming has been largely a "snap" Thanks, I think we made the right choice with your help."


10/12/2001  Comment:

"[Employee], I deal with a large number and variety of companies daily, and you, by far, have provided the finest in customer service that I have seen in a long, long time. I hope your management realizes what a great asset you are to the company. It is employees like you that help build clientele and keep customers coming back for more! Thanks for the great work!"


10/10/2001  Comment:

"Am very very happy with your speedy service. You have a great site, well laid out, a great selection and very very easy to search. Don't change a thing."

Kay B.

10/9/2001  Comment:

"After being examined by many ear specialist and having an MRI also, my husband is over whelemed with your product. He has been using it for over 5 months..I am sure it makes him feel good to be able to talk on the phone, but won't say it. Now Rush Linbaugh has a sudden loss of hearing problem..and your marketing dept. should approach the Radio Station and send him one...FREE. I already wrote him about your Miraphone. Thank you once is a Gift From God."

Cathy L.

9/27/2001  Comment:

"This VP206 really is a great box. I am using the first one as a front end voice mail and router to a Panasonic DBS 616. By using the 206 in place of a Qwest voice mail, router and forwarding service, I am saving about $45.00 per month. I have set up unit two to work with another home/office small business located in three separate physical locations. When a customer calls in on the main 800 line, the caller can be forwarded to one of several outside numbers with a single key press. This feature also saves a ton of $. Feel free to publish my uses for the box and thank you for the excellent customer service!"

Russ G.

9/24/2001  Comment:

"Thank you for your help finding a Lucent battery. I had been looking everywhere, and you made it so simple."

Lisa L.

9/21/2001  Comment:

"I found your site via search and just can't praise you enough for this site. I honestly have never gone to any site (regardless of who they are or how big they are) that was easier to use, provided maximum information and discounted pricing to boot. Your anticipation of the logical desire for info at basic level, then to greater and then to "What's the cost" is the best ever.

I promise you that I will tell everyone and perhaps the results of this little project will get you some sales quickly.

Well done and thanks! You should be proud and I hope you make a million!!!"

Jim B.

9/13/2001  Comment:

"Every time I call your company I am overwhelmed by your customer support and service. We are a very small company and I am the Pres as well as the tech guy - my experience with you all surpases any that I have ever had with a vendor. The original salesman spent 10-15 min on the phone with me explaining how this voicemail system would work and could incorporate our current phone units, the package arrived on time, the woman who helped me last night was very pleasant and confident that she could send me helpful materials. I was disappointed to see that the promised faxed version of the manual wasn't waiting for me this morning - and then I received your email [with the information requested]. I don't typically have/take the time to write these notes of thanks - but I must say that your company will now be our customer service model! All the best to you all."

William H.

8/29/2001  Comment:

"I would like to thank your company for all the time and help [my rep] provided to get me a system that works for my company's needs. He did not try to oversell me something I did not need, and in turn when it comes time to upgrade, I know what company I will be using! Not only was he knowledgeable with the system I had bought, but he took the time to help me get it working. In the future when I come across my own customers that need this kind of equipment, they will most definitely be referred to you. Working with your company, and [my rep] was a very pleasant experience. Thank you for the great service!"

Nicholas B.

8/7/2001  Comment:

"The Voice Pro 206 is a wonderful product in many aspects, though it may have problems with recognizing certain cellular DTMF tones for proper extension transfer as well as distorted sound quality when connected to certain phones. This has been our experience with the product thus far."

St. Ambrose Mission

8/1/2001  Comment:

"This was awesome service and my sales rep was so very helpful. I would highly recommend your website to others."

Lise L.

7/30/2001  Comment:

"Talk about prompt shipment! The order arrived at my door several hours before the e-mail confirming shipment. That is super service. This is my first order from you, but I will definitely use and recommend TWAComm in the future!"

Joe B.

7/24/2001  Comment:

"Installed the phone and it works great! Really appreciate the upgrade. I'll pass the good word around that you are really good to deal with. Thanks again!

Best regards,"

Jack G.
Brooklyn, NY

7/16/2001  Comment:

"Thank You for the knowledge and service. As a customer it is appreciated."

Jerry R.

7/11/2001  Comment:

"Received [Voice Logic Voice Pro model 206] today, very impressed have been in the phone field for over 30 years, this is one of the best items for home or small bussiness for the price I've seen. Will recommend your product."


7/6/2001  Comment:

"Just wanted you to know my order for the hearing impaired Walker Clarity cordless phone just arrived. I placed the order on July 2, we had a holiday and here it is the 5th of July...very impressive. Will hook up tomorrow. Thanks for the prompt service.

Also, whoever does your shipping should be commended for using the packing material they use...the dissovable white peanuts. Grandkids love them and they are eco friendly."

Shirley J.
Winnie, TX

7/3/2001  Comment:

"Thank you for that very quick response. I certainly hope I can use your company again in the future. You have set a very good tone for me.

Thanks again."


6/27/2001  Comment:

"I'm impressed. Orderd a Voice Logic Voice Pro model 206 about 10 days ago. First unit was defective. Spoke to customer service. Very helpful. Sent me a new unit. Got it today. Works beautifully. Voice Pro 206 is great product. There are a few documentation quirks, and it's an outstanding product. I would highly recommend to everyone. Great prices. Great service. Great customer satisfaction. Few companies deliver on their promises. You definitely do.


Ron B.
Vienna, VA

6/25/2001  Comment:

"Great site... How do we get a site like this for our company? We are located in Greenville SC and have dreamed of using the web to create more sales volume. We service a 10 county area with a staff of 25 people. Just wanted to tell you that I personaly research the web for sites and information to help our business and your site is the best telecom related site I have found so far... If you want to share anything that can help me make more our of my company feel free to conatct me."

Rob M.
Greenville, SC 29615

6/14/2001  Comment:

"The Voice Logic unit I received from you is INCREDIBLE. I understand you guys have about a million of 'em. If I can help you sell some by telling anyone how unbelievable they are, please don't hesitate to have them call or write me. I'll give a GLOWING endorsement of the device - I could NEVER go back to being without it!

Best regards,"


6/14/2001  Comment:

"Wow! I ordered my phones Tuesday, expected them in 4-6 days, but they arrived Thurs. a.m.

Thanks for the amazing service."

Sandra C.

6/14/2001  Comment:

"Your website is easy to navigate. The product was delivered promptly and may I say that your tech support is incredible!! and necessary.

Thank you."

Rose P.

6/7/2001  Comment:

"Thank you for your immediate response and the manner in which you demonstrated your willing to help me resolve this situation. In light of the circumstances that you pointed out about the telephone, I have decided to continue with the Aastra 390 telephone. The design and features out weigh the color of this corded telephone. If TWAComm were able to acquire other colors of the Powertouch 390, I think they would have. Again, thank you for your assistance and for showing me how customer sensitive this organization is. This is my first dealing with TWAComm. Because of your actions to ensure my satisfaction, I would not hesitate to order from TWAComm in the near future.

Best Regards,"

Rodney D.

6/6/2001  Comment:

"Your company is refreshingly reliable and on top of things! As a result, I'm going to refer you to my friends.


Etan B.

5/18/2001  Comment:

"A short note to express my appreciation for your excellent website. I review our dealers websites as a common practice. Your site receives a score of five out of five.

  • Ease of use - Minimum amount of strokes to get to products>/li>
  • Manufacturer mentioned -- and quick tie in on search using "Ameriphone"
  • Product pictures are up -- no additional clicks needed
  • Visually pleasing (colors/font/placement)- testimonial page - wow!
Best regards."

Vivian E.
Garden Grove, CA

5/3/2001  Comment:

"Our order arrived this morning as you promised and everything was right, that's the way internet business is supposed to work. Keep up the good work, it is nice to know you can count on a supplier.

Thanks from everyone here."

David E.

4/20/2001  Comment:

"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to all the fine folks in your customer service department. I received a 2420 as a gift recently and have been very pleased with it. The limited support I have needed so far has been exceptional and a minor software problem requiring replacement was handled with the ease and efficiency I wish my own company could match.

Thank you for your refreshing approach to customer service."

David B.

4/16/2001  Comment:

"Thanks for your aid in choosing this system. It was extremely easy to set-up and we have all enjoyed the ease of doing simple programs and customizations."

Bill D.

4/16/2001  Comment:

"Don't know if this is out of the ordinary, but I ordered a part yesterday afternoon and received it today by noon. Thanks for the expedient delivery via UPS!!"

Lisa H.

3/16/2001  Comment:

"We would like to thank you folks for your promptness with our order. We actually received it today already!!

Thank you!!"

Steve & Tami Z.

3/1/2001  Comment:

"I have been doing business with your company since 1998. TWAComm is the best when it comes to prices and support. I have people come to me and ask me where the best prices for phone equipment is. You have made my answer an easy one. I would not even consider ordering anything from [that other website] ever again. When I first purchased from TWAComm, I had very little knowledge of phone systems. Early this year I purchased a new Panasonic phone system for my new business and installed it myself. It works flawlessly and I saved so much money.

Thank you TWAcomm!"

Paul S.

2/6/2001  Comment:

"Thank you for your help in getting the Toshiba equipment we ordered from you up and running. The service I have received from TWAcomm has been excellent.



2/2/2001  Comment:

"Received order today. Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much. Excellent service."


1/26/2001  Comment:

"I want to thank you for the efficient way you handled my order. You have great prices and service. Ordering through TWA saved me a considerable drive to buy the Panasonic telephone system at a great price. Thank you very much, I will keep you on my list when future needs come up.

Best Regards,"

John H.

10/24/2000  Comment:

"I probably shouldn't tell you this, but buying the unit from you saved us $8000 (yes that's the right number) from what the cost would have been if we had bought it in London. They retail here for about US $14,000 with no discounts!"

Dan D.

7/20/2000  Comment:

"The Siemens 2420 Gigaset telephone arrived LAST TUESDAY, July 11. Lightening fast!! The order had been properly filled, excluding the Plantronics headset as I'd requested.

Thank you and TWAcomm for your excellent service. I'll be sure to check with you as I have furthur communications needs."

Perry W.

6/27/2000  Comment:

" did a great job supplying us with the perfect equipment for our telecommunication needs. We saved a bundle over what we had previously paid. out performed in every area. Their customer service is outstanding, their prices are the lowest around and their delivery has always been on schedule with us.

I would highly recommend to any business owner or individual in need of anything related to telecommunications.

Sincerely yours,"

Thomas K.

5/24/2000  Comment:

"Thank you very much for the equipment and all received in good condition this morning. I look forward to working with you again."

Jeff A.

5/19/2000  Comment:

"You guys are great!!! I recieved my phone within 18 hours of ordering it, even though it was originally on backorder and had a 4-6 days delivery time. Thanks for the incredible service. This was my first internet buying experience and you've made it a pleasure!

Thanks again,"


5/11/2000  Comment:

"I would like to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. The part was recv'd on time and the customer was pleased. After several delays ordering the soundstation, I was very pleased with your service and hope to use you more in the future. Again, thank you."

Dan G.

5/11/2000  Comment:

"I just wanted to confirm my phone conversation with you that I found the pieces to the phone. (I can't believe that they fell out of the box under the kitchen table!!) In any case, I wanted to thank you for the prompt attention that you and Kevin gave me. I hope I didn't create too big a stir. In the past I've found all my internet purchases to be simple and easy. Your company is no exception. Internet sales are truly a wave of the future!!

Best Regards,"

Scott H.

1/12/2000  Comment:

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my recent Powertouch 390 order. I received the sets on time and without any customs charges (either they were declared differently or I got lucky this time).

Thanks again for the excellent service,"

Mimmo B.

10/26/1999  Comment:

"Thank you for all of your help in getting us a new phone system. As I said on the phone, we had an extremely difficult time finding a local company that would even return our calls. Your knowledge of your product, and willingness to answer my questions was refreshing, and made our decision to purchase a system from you an easy one.

I look forward to receiving the phone system, so that our office may be even more efficient.

Thank you again for all of your help."

Carl W.

10/8/1999  Comment:

"Just wanted to let you know that we received the phones this morning! Thanks for the GREAT service!"

Chris B.

10/1/1999  Comment:

"I have never experienced on online vendor that has been more accessible or responsive than you."

Don W.

9/20/1999  Comment:


David L.

9/12/1999  Comment:

"I just want to let you know that you were very courteous and helpful in my search for phones that best fit my needs. The price on your phones, the M2616 with display, is what caught my eye on your website. We have been purchasing them from a company we contract our phone switch work to and have been paying $600.00 a unit. The savings I got from you was incredible. Thanks for your help and and courteous customer support."

Brenda H.

9/10/1999  Comment:

"I can tell you this site will be highly recommended, both for quality of product and quality of service. I ordered my phone on the weekend, got an E-mail on Monday saying it was shipped that day, and of course 4-6 day delivery, but was I shocked to find it at my home after work today! The Siemens 2402, awesome phone, Thanks again!"


9/3/1999  Comment:

"I received my phone today. Thank you for the prompt service. We are looking forward to using the Panasonic Portable. Thank you again for top quality service!"

John S.

8/14/1999  Comment:

"Again, thanks for your great service! Makes me wish I needed tons of phones -- even if it's only one, I'll call you. The bad unit is ready to be picked up when the call tag arrives."


7/22/1999  Comment:

"Received my new phone system today. Fast, courteous service and great price. Way to go, Thanks."

Scott F.

7/9/1999  Comment:

"Thanks for the quick feedback. I looked it up and it is still in transit. It has been a pleasure dealing with TWAcomm."


6/9/1999  Comment:

"Thanks again!! I'll definitely order from you in the future. Phenomenal customer service!!"

Kevin W.

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